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Welcome to Rebecca's Rainbow!

Rebecca's Rainbow is a non-profit organization in Washington State dedicated to the care and placement of pets whose owners are critically or terminally ill. Founded in 2009, the organization is named after Rebecca Nanna, whose love for animals lives on with Rebecca's Rainbow.

August 1, 2018 - NEWS

Rebecca's Rainbow has been on track to retire over a five year period. We have gradually phased out our foster program for snakes, birds, rodents, and cats. As of August 01, 2018 we have stopped taking in dogs with a few exceptions. We will be taking in equine pets but through our established equine rescue, which is separate from Rebecca's Rainbow. We want to be a presence for as long as possible to receive previously adopted pets from adopters who themselves have lost their independence or are ill and must rehome those pets. Additionally, we need to continue to support those pets which have been placed in permanent foster homes due to their inability to be adopted. We will continue to collaborate with Furbaby Rescue in Blaine WA which takes in most fluffy dogs.

We will be contacting our generous donors and supporters to let them know that we are no longer taking in donations through payroll deductions. Establishing a small endowment to provide veterinary care for returned pets and to continue to care for the pets in permanent foster care, will be a priority. When we started our rescue, our pets mostly came from young people with aggressive forms of cancers. Now the pets often come to us from owners suffering from Dementia. These pets often are quite behind on veterinary care; including big ticket items such as bladder stones, dental disease, and eye diseases. We have been considering how to purposefully and thoughtfully ease into this process and ease out of rescue. We have made changes gradually We will gladly accept tax deductible donations to put towards this small endowment. However, we want to be transparent with any potential donors that we will be taking in very few pets over the next year. At some point we will run out of funds and we will personally continue to finance the pets in permanent foster. The youngest of these is only 7 years old and likely to live another 9 years. Thanks to the wonderful people we have met over the years, blessings to the hundreds of pets we have been able to find wonderful loving families for, and more gratitude than we can express for the donors, supporters, and foster families who have cared for these pets. We have been fortunate to have had a wonderful veterinary family which helped us along the way without we could never have helped our suffering animals. There are younger people hearing the call to rescue, thank heavens, and we will try to keep abreast of new organizations in order to serve as a resource to our community. Much thanks to our adopters, who took a leap of faith, and gave a pet a new family.

Rescue is a collaborative effort, it is a calling, it is hard work, but in our experience, there is very little which is as rewarding. We truly have tried to honor our friend Rebecca Nanna and have done the very best we could in her name to help these lovely pets. She would have loved every single one of them.

Kindest regards, and deepest gratitude,

Michele and Dr. Rachel. Our organization's cell phone will be disconnected and we will no longer be available by phone.

Our email will still exist for past adopters to contact us.

Any inquiries regarding pets should be sent to Sandra at: psbarks@gmail.com

Dr. Rachel will continue providing outstanding veterinary care out in the professional arena. She still has pets with issues which she and her husband have adopted, and she will continue loving them. She will likely become more involved in Breast Cancer awareness and funding activities.

Michele will continue with equine care, care for the pets she has kept as no one wished to adopt them and has plans to get involved with community outreach and resolution of dogs in assisted living facilities whose owners are transitioning to Memory Care. There is a tremendous need, which is growing.