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Welcome to Rebecca's Rainbow!

Rebecca's Rainbow is a non-profit organization in Washington State dedicated to the care and placement of pets whose owners are critically or terminally ill. Founded in 2009, the organization is named after Rebecca Nanna, whose love for animals lives on with Rebecca’s Rainbow.

We provide veterinary care when needed, and we care for pets in the homes of volunteers. This approach helps provide peace of mind for the pet owner, prevents the animal from spending time in a shelter, and helps prevent unnecessary euthanization.

Please note that all of our pets are altered prior to adoption. Exceptions may be made in extraordinary circumstances (e.g. a very young and large breed dog who due to orthopedic considerations might need to have a spay or neuter delayed a few months). In the exceptional cases we work closely with adopters to ensure that the pet is altered when it is safe to do so.

Here are some ways you can help:

Donate money to help pay for veterinary expenses and supplies

Provide a foster home for pets who need temporary care

Adopt an animal who needs a new home

For more information, contact us.

Note: We do not take in pets from urgent care patients via hospital referral. Generally, local Animal Control makes arrangements with such owners and their pets and provides temporary room and board while the owner gets urgent medical care.