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Dog Application Form  

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Dogs can become ill and incur large veterinary bills. Are you financially able to manage an unplanned surgery or other injury or health related medical bills? *
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When you travel where will your dog stay? *
Are you in a private residence with a yard, a condo or apartment with no yard? Is your yard fenced? Please describe fencing (height and material) if applicable. *
Do you have a friend or relative who is willing to care for your dog should you become unable to do so for an extended period of time? *
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We would like to have one personal reference. You may provide more than one. It can be a family member, neighbor, co worker, or friend. Please provide their name(s) and phone number(s).
Please feel free to elaborate on any questions asked above and/or share information about yourself and lifestyle which would help all of us determine if this dog could be a good match for you.