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Adopted January 2017

Buddy has had just a horrible life. Originally Buddy was owned by a man, whom I believe at one time in his life loved this lil fellow, but alcohol and drugs consumed him, and Buddy lost out. The owner moved in with his Mom, and eventually the drugs killed him and he died in the hallway of his Mom’s house. The Mom took over for Buddy, but she neglected him. The kind neighbor asked if she could take this poor boy and get him bathed and groomed but the Mom said he did not need it so he was in a horrendous mess. The granddaughter had moved in and had a little dog. For once Buddy was now cared for and Buddy loved the other dog, but one day the granddaughter left and the neighbor saw Buddy looking everywhere for his friends. He was so sad. Now the Mom is suffering from Alzheimer’s, has been hospitalized, and it took 6 days before she remembered to tell someone Buddy was left alone.
Finally the Alzheimer's was severe enough the Mom needed to go into assisted living.
The wonderful neighbor swooped in, took Buddy, got him to the groomer, and started him on his new life…and contacted me. We immediately got this sweet boy that had been infested with fleas, his eyes were a mess, and the teeth were not so good. Once here, straight to the vet we went. Buddy had an ulcer in one eye and dry eye in the other with limited or no vision in that eye. Eye meds were given, bloodwork taken, shots, the whole gambit including scheduling him for his dental. At first this sweet boy, only slept and ate, nothing more. Once the eye meds took effect, the ulcer cleared, his other eye started regaining vision, dental done, and fleas gone, his eyes no longer burning, his skin not on fire…THEN emerged the sweetest, kindest soul who now dances for his food, engages with the other dogs, but mostly loves to be close to you and is becoming a happy soul.
I knew who would love this fellow, a former adopter and who used to foster for me, and that person was looking for an easy going boy…and so after a few weeks, he was ready to move to the next but happy chapter of his life. So Buddy left today, it was awesome to see him happy again, and put behind the crappy life he once had.
I will miss this lovely soul…

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