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Male Shih Tzu (ADOPTED 05/2014)

No one in all of the world could have been more perfect for Charlie than his foster mom Sybille. She travels quite a bit for work and for life and wondered about how this might work but she realized she could not imagine her household without him and frankly, he needed a home just like hers. He is a very lucky dog and fortunately, Sybille considers herself fortunate.


Charlie is a 7 year old Shih Tzu whose owner moved in with her son when she found she needed more care and Charlie did not like the son. Initially, he had issues in his first foster home with the men but he got used to them. Now he is in a better foster home, living with a woman who walks him a lot and takes him on adventures where he meets men he has no problems with. He's well house trained and a sweetheart.

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