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Cooper and Max

Cooper (14 lbs) & Max (6 lbs)
7 years old
Microchipped/Current on vaccinations

(Adopted June/17)

We are very modest dogs but I just want to gloat for the first two seconds and ask - Does anyone realize that Maltese are one of the most sought after breeds? Did you read that’s what we are? End of gloat and back to being modest. I am Cooper, the larger of us. I keep teasing Max that our names should be changed to Pint and Half Pint since he’s half the weight I am. He’s never amused at that. We’re both at a size that makes it easy to adopt us both and we don’t take up a lot of space except in your heart. We’ll win that over. We do need to stay together because we’ve been together forever. We’re not biological brothers but we are bonded tighter than Gorilla Glue. Personality wise, I am very curious and outgoing. I love exploring the fenced yard and play with Half Pint - I mean, Max. It’s fun to play with other resident dogs here at the foster home but we actually need a home with no other dogs and definitely no cats. Max is a littler more shy and he loves to snuggle with his favorite human. I heard someone say he’s such a love. Well, I am, too, but I need to see what’s going on a bit more before I snuggle in. That doesn’t mean I’ll love you any less than Max will.The groomer raved about what good dogs we were for our beauty treatments. All of our dental work was done in 2016 so you’d be adopting two very healthy dogs and we know you’d love us so much that you’d continue to care for us forever and ever. So how about considering at least meeting us and finding out that a pint and a half pint can offer gallons of love and devotion to you?

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