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We never put Chewy up for adoption as a past adopter of Furbaby Rescue’s was waiting for a dog just like Chewy. Even though Chewy was waiting on his neuter and other veterinary needs, this man left work in the middle of the day just to come and get in some “snuggles”. Chewy was adopted in March 2017 and we know he will have a wonderful life.


Hi everyone!
My name is Chewy and if you fall in love with me and my story, you can “chew” on it for a bit (the same as mull it over) and then make a decision to adopt me AND change my name and my life. I am so ready for a fresh start. A TOTALLY fresh start.

I hated talking about my background but a counsellor suggested I face the facts and realize it was so totally NOT my fault and that I move forward and have the best life ever from now on. My better life has started in foster care but I truly want and need my very own forever person.

My puppy life started out in the trunk of a car. Yes, you read that right. As a puppy I wasn’t wanted by the other family members so one person kept me in their closet and in their car trunk. A lady came along and took me to get me into a better environment but she couldn’t keep me either but she did find a family and I had a home for about five years but when those people moved they said they couldn’t keep me so I went back to my trunk rescuing person. She found me another home but that person passed away in January. No one had the funds to get the basic dog care needs taken care of so I arrived at Furbaby Rescue in pretty poor shape. But you know what I learned from my foster mom? There’s an adoption fee to if you want me but that means two things. As part of that adoption fee, I will be squeaky clean, be up to date on vaccinations and vet care and groomed. You know what else? Foster mom assured me that with an adoption fee I’ll get someone who feels I’m worth it and they’ll take good care of me and not just easily abandon me.

If you want a few specifics, it’s been said that I’m the sweetest little dog and wouldn’t hurt a fly. I’m great with other dogs and kids but I really prefer to just be your shadow. I’m super quiet and house trained. Pretty good, huh, especially considering my life so far? I just am trusting that I find the best of the best homes to spend the rest of my life. If you want even more specifics like the vet report, etc. just click the link and ask away.

I’m waiting for that special someone who will just give me that fairy tale ending. Is it you?

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