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Adopted Feb.7/2016)

Standard Pomeranian
Male/neutered/shots current
8 years old
14 lbs

If you are looking for devotion from a four legged furry wonder, you just found it.
Gorgeous/stunning/smart/alert/happy are just a few of the adjectives to describe this beautiful boy. He loves life, toys, can jump/leap and bound right into your heart.

JoJo was adopted by a wonderful lady when he was a year old. He was adopted by his mom when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and she knew she needed a distraction, a reason to fight and win. JoJo was what she choose and together, they won the battle. Life was good until just a couple of months ago when his mom had a major stroke and had no choice but to enter assisted living. JoJo tried living there with her but the mom did not have the ability to remember to take care of his needs. Because he was so loved, the difficult decision was made to find JoJo a new home. So now we are on the search for the PERFECT home for a PERFECT dog. JoJo acts like a puppy, he is so joyous. He had always lived in an apartment, but in his foster home he has a fenced yard, and he loves, loves, loves it! He runs like a pony with abandonment. He will be an awesome pet for someone.

Awesome home for an awesome lil boy, residing on Camano Island, WA

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