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Male Lab mix (ADOPTED 04/2014)

Lucky was taken in by one of our wonderful big dog foster homes. The foster mom had heard that Lucky was homeless essentially and living out of a car with his owner. It was a desperate situation. He had come from another state and his owner was selling illegal drugs and things were not good for Lucky. Our foster mom insisted on taking him in and giving him medical care and a home. He has a lot of issues. He is a wonderful dog but needs someone home all day and he needs a lot of fenced and secured space. He isn't used to living with chickens, rabbits, or cats. So, as a senior dog with issues and a preference towards males, we had very few people interested in him.

He has been in foster care for so long now that his foster mom is able to tell that he is in decline. He is just not "right". So, she decided that he couldn't possibly live anywhere else and has adopted him. We remain hopeful that he will have some years left but he had a hard life and he is going on 11. He could certainly be older.

Lucky now has a home and a new last name and is part of a wonderful family.

He is very "lucky".

Lucky is a 10 year old Labrador retriever mix who came to us from Idaho. He is fully housetrained and gets along with all dogs of all sizes. He is looking for someone to love and spend his days with.

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