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Bichon Frise
11 in November 2017
14.80 pounds

ADOPTED Spring 2017

Dobby was a great little dog with so many unknown issues. His adoptive dads kept learning new things about him and some of them not so great. We asked them to return Dobby to us but they refused citing that they loved him and were willing to work with his quirks. We make it a practice to not adopt out a known biting dog but sometimes a dog starts to feel confident in a home setting and then shows fresh sides of its personality.

Dobby is so lucky. He was adopted in spring of 2017.


Dobby is a very sweet dog who is fun and active. He is looking for a new home without any children. He has been surrendered a few times in the past because children haven’t treated him well or new parents didn’t trust him with a small child so this time must be his last rehoming.

He is not a barky Bichon which is a lovely quality in him. He is crate trained, potty trained, will use potty pads if not allowed outside, and he’s just a great dog.

He is cautious about people and things (bikes, skateboards, for example) coming up behind him and it is always better to let him come to you rather than you to go to him.

He’s doing very well in his new foster home. His entire family is upset about this change and are grieving for the loss of him but we are doing our best to keep him stimulated and interested in many things to distract him from his own grief and so far, he’s doing well.

Dobby has been with a now 3- year old who grew up with him and knows how to give him treats carefully, is thoughtful with him, and knows his commands. She loves him so much that she held him over her body and squeezed too tightly so that he couldn’t breathe and he bit her face. She is okay and even at such a tender age takes responsibility for this incident “don’t be mad at Dobby”.

The family knows this dog and knows that he is not a biter or an aggressive dog and wanted him to have a chance in a new home. If you have ever been in such a situation you know that it is not an easy one to make.

He is being fostered in Kirkland WA.

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