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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/Shih Tzu
Female/spayed/shots current
5 years old
25 lbs

ADOPTED spring 2017


Yes my breed is correct, my Mom was a Shih Tzu and my Dad a Cavalier (I know I know, cannot see Shih Tzu, but I promise she was)
Wahhhhhh!!!!! Wahhh!! Sniff!!!! My mommy left me behind!!!! OH WELL……. Yup, I came into rescue with my mother and we didn’t think we’d be separated but mom was very ill. We got her to the vet and got her well and she was immediately adopted. I did a mandatory whimper when she left the house but now……now……NOW FOLKS my life can begin as an adult and on my own. Look out world - here comes a girl who will be so very devoted and yet independent at the same time.
I love toys and playing with other dogs. I guess I do miss that about not having my mom to play with me so if you had another little dog that would be awesome. But I must say, I am a Number One type dog so I’ll want to be the dominant dog but you’ll never find a nicer dominant dog. I can be very, very nice. Oh, and can we play outside in a fenced yard? I LOVE running and playing as fast as I can move.

I do have a very sensitive soul and I am very bright. I do tend to react with a bark when men appear but I hate no one. I warm up to everyone but sometimes it might take awhile but after that you won’t be at risk of losing my affections.
I am house trained and I even go to the door and bark when I need out. If you absolutely must leave me longer I’ll use a puppy pad but I think you’re going to love me so very much that you’ll want me with you all the time.

It’s all pretty simple if you’re interested. Fill out the application form, meet me, and assure my foster mom that you understand I’ll need a short time to just warm up to my new humans and then you’ll be enjoying a bond that’s tighter than Super Glue.

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