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This little fellow was taken in when he was out running stray and was not returned to the owners because they clearly were not able to take care of him.

The humane society in his county was strapped after helping multiple dogs in similar straits and their budget would not support one more trainwreck. He was offered to the wonderful folks at WAG but they were unable to take him either.

Once we hear of his story we snatched him up and got him right in to the vet. He looked so bad that he had to walk in through the back door. The doctors could not palpate his skin due to the thick felted mats all over his body. His skin, infections, ears, teeth and gums were really the least of it. His eyes were of utmost concern. The dog had so much scarring that the pigment occluded vision. It was the pain the poor thing had endured for many years as no dog’s eyes get like this in a short amount of time. His picture in the “after” shows a lot of black pigment around the eyes which is further evidence of the years of accumulated suffering to this little fellow’s eyes.

One of our wonderful adopters who has recently decided that he should take in seniors with health issues and with terminal diseases, fell in love with this dog and his story, and snatched him up. Bandit is now living the “island” life, getting regular eye exams, having lubrication and artificial tears and a special compound to try to break up the scarring in the hope of restoring some sight. They are best friends and apart from the eyes and the crummy skin, Bandit is actually quite healthy and now , we hope, pain free.

Way to go Bandit and thanks to Paul.
Thanks also to the people who advocated for this dog and moved him to us.

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