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(Adopted 2/2018)

Big is such a sweetheart. He came to us after years of severe neglect. Nearly bald, infected with multiple “bugs”, allergies, Cushings Disease, severe gum disease, masses inside his body, and the worst part of all were nasal fistulas which would require several surgeries and affect his quality of life forever. He is a very senior dog on top of it all with a compromised immune system. With all of this suffering, this dog is the sweetest and most loving little fellow.

We were willing to do whatever it would take to get him back to the best health we could. We sought guidance from specialists and traveled to do so just to make sure that we had all of the facts.

The worst part was the pain for him and the nasal fistulas. This was the piece that affected him the most. Leaving him in this condition was allowing him to continue to suffer. It would be like being stabbed constantly in the face and head with an ice pick for us. Doing the surgery was going to affect his quality of life forever in a negative way just because of the severity of his condition.

This little dog came to us for help from his suffering. Medically it was determined that the kindest thing for us to do was to let him go. He was under anesthesia as we determined if his advanced heart murmur would impact his ability to survive the surgeries.

We have included him in this section because he was such a special dog and even though it angers us when we are brought a dog like this who could have been fixed many years ago, it also firms our resolve to never give up trying to help as many as we can. Big deserved a chance. He came to us in such a state and the warmth, love, fellowship, kindness and good food and clean water he was given were like treasures to him. He left us knowing that someone cared for him.

He is named for his big heart and spirit. Bless you little fellow.

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