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Boston and Fenway

Males/neutered/shots current
Boston: 13 years young
Fenway: 4 years old
Both 14 lbs

(Adopted Jan 2018)

The names of Boston and Fenway obviously have a special story which the foster mom can share with you along with much more information than you’ll read here. You do not need to be an avid baseball fan to be considered as the ideal home for these two special Shih Tzu.
There are so many special aspects to this pair of precious dogs that we scarcely know where to begin. First, it was a very heartbreaking but well understood decision for the first owners to relinquish this pair. It was also their wish that the dogs be adopted together since they’ve been together since Fenway was old enough to be adopted as a puppy.
We tend to believe that no human wishes to grow old alone and the same situation was considered for Boston when Fenway was adopted 4 years ago. Please don’t shake your head and think that Boston being 13 years old is like the umpire calling “Out” at first base. There’s definitely more bases to be reached by this devoted dog. The great small breed of Shih Tzu can live for many more years especially in a loving and caring home with a younger companion to remind them how to stay young.
Since there’s so much information available on this bonded pair, we’ll give you the basics. Both are house broken and have certain commands in place for such. They will go to their crate on command and they love their certain toys, treats and walks. Fenway is especially playful bordering on goofy while Boston has grown to the more subdued playful ways of a tender motion and enthusiasm and leaving the horseplay to Fenway. Walks are always enjoyed by these boys. It’s not necessary to play baseball in your back yard with them. J
Both dogs are up to date on veterinary care and records available. As stated above, the foster mom has much more information on this pair.
It’s our policy that no young children be in the home. Fenced yards are advised with no escape routes.


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