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Terrier/poodle/dachshund mix
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old
13 lbs

(Adopted March 21/2018, 2nd time)


Please note: Sadly much to Cindy's disappointment, (and ours!) she was adopted out into a new super wonderful home about a month ago and was doing wonderful in her new home. It turns out her new owner was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer so she was returned to us. We are all so sorry to hear this news and send all of our prayers to the new (former) owner and her family! She was a perfect match until this happened! Cindy is a lovely little girl still looking for her new home.


What are the odds that any one dog, especially a dog as super terrific as I am, would need to be saying doggy prayers for her fourth home in seven years? Well, that’s the case through no fault of my own. My first family adored me but due to illness they had to surrender me to Rebecca’s Rainbow and Furbaby Rescue. The rescue found me an awesome new home with the nicest and most fun lady but now that special lady has a serious form of Alzheimer’s very early in her life so she’s had to give me back to the rescue. And now, my next Mom has cancer, so here I am again
I know that no one wants to adopt a total stranger so here’s a bit about me. I love to go for walks, playing with toys and I could tolerate a nice doggy playmate. I’m not real crazy about cats for playmates so I guess I’d have to request a home with no cats. I love belly rubs and being scratched under the chin. Ahhhhh - I love just thinking about that. I’m good about not getting on the furniture unless invited. I adore laying on the floor by my foster mom’s feet and I’d like to try being your new little shadow. I am very well housebroken once my new human shows me where the door is that they want me to use. I’ll sleep in a kennel or a doggy bed in the same room. I don’t think I’d object to being on your bed if you’d like. It might make me feel more like this will be my last home. Oh yes, I’ll never be one of those expensive and fancy alarm systems you see advertised on TV but I can alert you with a bark when anyone arrives at the door and then I engage the off button.
So would you consider meeting me? Remember, I’ll have all my vet care up to date before being adopted so you’ll know I have a good bill of health and many years ahead for us to charm one another.

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