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Bichon Frise
Female/spayed/shots current
7 years old
16 lbs


Cuddles is an adorable Bichon who joined a family of 4 other Bichons. These are beloved past adopters of ours and we were secretly thrilled when they asked if they could adopt our Cuddles. We see them frequently and share the same groomer so it’s always fun to run into one of our past foster dogs.


Do you love Bichons, well my goodness look no further, Cuddles is AMAZING. She is friendly, happy, loving, her name depicts who she is.

She follows you everywhere, wants to be close but not on top of you. She is furniture dog, and loves to sleep with her person. She loves men and women, she is not gender specific.

She loves other small dogs, but she is a submissive girl, so for her, a sweet small dog for company would be fantastic. She will play with other dogs, and toys. She is simply a dollbaby, who has captured her foster parents heart.

She will alert bark, but quiets quickly and easily, not a yapper by any means, barks when appropriate.
She is housetrained, though we went through a couple of transition days, as she got acquainted with her new surroundings, she will also use a dog door.

Ideally she would love to have her person around, and not be left alone for long hours.
When she first arrived in rescue, she had a horrendous ear infection, and needed dental. Those have been taken care of, she lost 6 teeth, had blood work, radiographs, and everything updated. She will need a recheck of her ears in another week.

She is truly a sweet, darling girl.

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