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Daisy’s story is a sad one but has such a happy end. We love these rescues and adoptions.

Daisy once was the beloved dog of a family. When the children grew up and moved away, she no longer really had an owner and was put outside and there she stayed for 5 years. One of the daughters of the household came home to check on the family situation and learned of this case of cruelty and neglect. The dog was ill, had lost hair on his back due to a serious and chronic flea infestation, had lumps on his body and spine which were concerning, she had never been spayed and was 10. The daughter was certain the dog had cancer and might be near death. Well, Daisy was sick and quite an infectious mess, but she did not have cancer.

What warms our hearts is that Dr. Jim, one of our veterinarians, met Daisy and fell in love with her. He told Daisy that she needed a friend. They have been together ever since and do everything together. A month later they are still working on her skin and ear infections and she still needs to be spayed and have her teeth cleaned but Dr. Jim will himself take care of all of that.

It's really fun to show up at the clinic at end of day and watch Daisy and Dr. Jim leave work together. Daisy is going to try paddle boarding once her skin is cleared up all the way. Dr. Jim is pretty much a jock and water sports are his favorite. Daisy can look forward to a lot of hiking, too.

Our thanks to Kiana for rescuing this older gal. We wish she could see how Daisy is acting like a puppy and living a life with every creature comfort and has a Veterinarian for a Dad. Daisy loves Dr. Jim.

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