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Black Lab

Adopted august 2017

Lady did not have a great life being bounced around a lot but golly she is a terrific dog. She was pretty popular on Petfinder which led us to seek out other Black labs in need of a home (we found some!). She has a brand new forever home with a young and active couple and we know she is going to be loved and happy.


Lady is a lovely older black Labrador retriever. We were told that she is 10 years of age. She weighs about 62 pounds so is a large medium or a small large!

She's just as sweet as any older black lab you could hope to meet. She gets along with everyone and would love a canine companion in the home.

She was a bit of a mess when she came to us with the usual things we see in an older lab lacking medical care and all of those things have been taken care of. She has a thorough baseline medical history (recent) and comes to her new home "turnkey".

We have many mini videos of her walking and playing with her dog friends just ask us to send them to you!

If you are looking for a loving and gentle companion or a walking buddy - Lady fits the bill.

Lady is fostered in Kirkland WA

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