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Libby was the hottest ticket in town for a few days with a waiting list as long as someone’s leg. She was adopted by a terrific family with a very sweet dog but began guarding the humans and snapping at the resident dog.
Resident pets must never be displaced so this was not going to work. Like all non successful adoptions, though, we learned much more about the best kind of home for Libby. Meanwhile, though, where would we foster her?
We called up to service wonderful past foster parents which do not currently have another dog. Their last foster dog, which did not like other dogs, ended up staying with them for years until she passed away. Yikes, would they dare to believe that Libby would be adopted or stay with them as had Duchess.

Once we knew Libby needed a home without another dog we headed down the waiting list to very close to the bottom to a family that had lost a dog and currently had no dog. They were devastated to hear that Libby had a meet and greet and that there were so many people ahead of them in the queue so went ahead and scheduled a mini holiday out of the country. Then they got our call! We all decided that the best way to minimize change for Libby was to take her to the foster home where she could stay until after the vacation. Meanwhile the potential adopters had the chance to come over a few times over the course of a month or so and spend time with Libby. Libby was adopted in November 2017.

Libby never used to have a problem with other dogs but the sister of the past owner reported that Libby had had her world turned upside down and not just once but multiple times and those experiences changed her.
We are happy that she can be with a family who can restore the stability she had known for all of her 9 years.


Libby Montana
9 year old, 70 pound, female Yellow Labrador Retriever

Libby Montana is a nine year old female Yellow Labrador Retriever. She is an absolutely terrific dog. She is smart, she minds you, she loves to play ball and fetch and would be very happy to go hiking or jogging.

She is an adorable dog and very sweet and compliant but she is still energetic.

Libby has lived with the same man since she was adopted as a puppy and has always been taken care of very well. She traveled all over the Pacific Northwest with him, which is to say that they traveled together. She was named after his favorite place in the whole world.

A year ago, tragedy struck this man, and he was in a terrible accident. He is now unable to care for a dog. He didn't want to let her go to a shelter and he certainly could not imagine his life without her. He found friends along the way who took her in but none ever really loved her. The owner made the tearful decision to let her find a forever home where she can be part of the family.

That is true devotion and loyalty to let the love of one's life go somewhere else.

Libby has past medical records but since it's been a year we are going to do a full wellness panel on her and clean her teeth so she will be turnkey moving into her new home.

Yellow female labs of her age are typically snapped up quickly and she is really a lovely dog.

Priority will be given to those with a fenced yard, an active human in the household, and one which someone is home most of the day or daycare can be provided.

Libby has one habit which will limit the kind of home she will accept. She chases cats up into trees. We will try to cat test her with cats inside the home as that CAN make a difference to some dogs.

Libby is fostered in Kirkland WA

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