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Nina is a special dog. She was never put up for adoption because she has so many things wrong with her that we knew she would not be adoptable until those things were taken care of. Notably she needs to lose 20 pounds. Do you know how hard it is to get any weight off of a Pug? One of her knees bothers her so she cannot walk well.

Nina is a loving dog and comes out of a serious situation which required a Judge to intervene to allow care staff to move Nina’s owner into a proper treatment facility. He would not move and would not leave his dog. It’s very hard on our hearts to see people and their pets in this situation. We have the easy part. The health care professionals have the tough job.

Back to Nina: The only place we knew that Nina was going to get the proper care was at “Bernedine’s Fat Farm”. Bernedine does not foster dogs for us but has adopted unhealthy and overweight dogs from us and got them ALL to fighting weight as they say. We asked if she would consider taking in Nina so that we could work on her weight while all of the other palliative issues she needs care for and then we would adopt Nina to a family. Hmmm “well you caught us at just the right time and we can help BUT I don’t think we could ever give a dog up.” Bernedine’s other half Phil loves Pugs and has never owned one so he was tickled pink to meet Nina.

So, either way it’s a Happy Beginning for Nina. She is in a loving home and she is going to get healthy and then we can take a look at that knee and see what we can do there. We know from X rays that she has arthritis.
Nina is a senior about 10 years of age. She is still quite young. We may be looking for a new home down the road here. If so, we will report back on her progress!

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