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Oreo was adopted in October 2017 by Paul.

He is not an easy dog. He’s an alpha and is pretty messed up from his past abuse and neglect but Paul is doing everything he can to help Oreo transition and start to trust and love.

Male 12 year old Shih Tzu
20 pounds

Oreo came to us a few weeks ago after his owner passed away. Based on the neglect of his health, we can only presume that she was unable to care for herself.

Fortunately, everything he needed was easy to fix and clean up.

This will break your heart – he fell asleep in the bathtub as he so enjoyed the warm soapy suds and the massaging of hands on his body. He loved having a bath.

He is so happy and is like a frolicking puppy. He’s a sweetheart just looking for someone to love on him.
He IS a senior but what a joy he will be to take in to your life and feel his deep appreciation for you and every creature comfort.

He’s great in the car, loves to trot along on a walk, and who knows what other fun things you could introduce him to?
He has been fully vetted including radiographs of his internal organs and skeleton. Naturally, most every dog that comes to us needs a dental so he had one of those, too. His baseline blood work is good and we don’t have any reason to think that he won’t be healthy for a few years more.

Oreo is fostered in Redmond WA but may be moving to SeaTac soon.

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