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Theodore is now known as Olaf for some reason. He is a great dog and clearly survived the years of neglect and abuse he suffered better than his cohort Oreo. Everyone loves Theodore. Oreo fights with Theodore sometimes, too but they have been together for 12 years, it would be awful to separate them. Paul, one of our special adopters is giving it his all to help Oreo but is enjoying how easy going Theodore is. We are looking forward to hearing wonderful stories about a lot more “potty outside”, sharing, not growling or biting, and hearing of wonderful family stories as time goes on.


Male 12 year old Shih Tzu
20 pounds
Theodore came to us recently when he lost his owner and his home. Fortunately, he had his lifelong companion Oreo to keep him centered and feel secure.
He is very easy going and in spite of having his health needs neglected he has been a complete sweetie as if he had no idea of the many things wrong with him. Naturally we fixed up everything and finally he was able to go to the groomer and just look at what a cutie he is with those great big eyes.
He’s great in the car, likes to walk, and is a wonderful companion dog.

Theodore is fostered in Redmond WA and may be moving to a home in Sea Tac.

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