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Wyatt and Wheeler

20 pound male Maltipoos
7 years old

(Adoped Jan 2018)

Wyatt and Wheeler are brothers but they are a bit like fraternal twins in that they don’t resemble one another too much other than being white! But they are a bonded pair.
These boys are absolutely wonderful friends and wonderful pets. They have been well cared for since they were puppies and loved so very much by a caring woman. We had them both in for senior best care exams, x rays, blood work, dentals, and dental x rays just to spruce them up a bit and bring them up to date for their new adopter and family.
Wyatt and Wheeler are looking for a home with a fenced yard, for a physically active family, and one which does not mind two little white blurs running around and tossing and playing with toys. They can entertain one another. If your New Year’s resolution is to get up and move a lot more, this pair could be your own personal training team.
We don’t often get Malti poos into rescue. So many of the dogs we take in have been neglected, have unknown pasts, or have health issues. Wyatt and Wheeler are not in this group at all. In fact, their human has written a special letter to the new owner. It’s sealed in a navy blue envelope and unread by any of us. While our adoptions are closed and private, she has invited a new adopter to message her on Facebook for any questions, should they so choose.
We love this picture of them because their personalities shine through. The picture is grainy but it’s just such a perfect representation of these boys.
Wheeler and Wyatt are fostered in Kirkland WA.

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