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Zoey is a shepherd mix whose owner was disabled and lost his home. He loved Zoey very much and did everything he could to care for her. When he ran out of options due to his health he brought Zoey to us to care for.

Zoey had had a neurological event which had rendered her unable to walk or express her bladder. Naturally, she had a raging UTI and bladder infection, which is what happens when urine stays in the bladder for long periods of time. We got her to the VCA Specialty Center for a consult and an MRI to see what kind of damage there was. This dog wanted to live and run and love. Luckily there are very kind people happy to have a dog in a cart and willing to provide frequent bladder and urinary attention to keep an eye on any infection. She had her teeth cleaned, her various infections cleared up, and she found a final refuge type home.

Zoey was moved into hospice care in December 2017

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