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Gracie-Lou and Smokey

Gracie (Bichon) Smokey (Yorkie/Schnauzer)
Gracie 8 years old Smokey 6 years old
11 & 14 lbs

ADOPTED 05/2017

In the end we learned that Gracie and Smokey COULD be adopted separately as long as they were with another dog. Each dog needed a very different living situation. People in rescue particularly acquire an odd mix of dogs just because we keep those which no one else wants.

Smokey the Schnauzer mix was adopted to an ideal home for him in May 2017.


Gracie and Smokey are a bonded pair who came into rescue because of the sudden death of their Mom. This is especially hard for this pair since they were both rescue dogs to start out with. Gracie came from a puppy mill where she was dumped into a high kill shelter in CA. Her mom heard about her and volunteered to take her. Poodle rescue of CA was able to pull Gracie from the shelter at the 11th hour and fly her to AZ to be with her new mom. Smokey was found trotting along a busy highway in AZ frightened and starving. He was rescued and adopted by his mom almost 3 years ago. These two dogs bonded closely with each other and have been each others refuge through several changes including the long move up to WA 18 months ago and now the death of their mom.
Gracie is a cuddlier. An animated little girl who loves to curl up on your lap (or if that is not available in a chair or a dog bed near you). She has the typical Bichon personality, happy go lucky, interested in everything and just wanting to be with her person. In some situations Gracie can be a little shy for a day or two but once she decides she is home she totally tunes into her person. She is very sensitive and if her person is upset or ill Gracie is right there doing everything she can to take care of things.
Smokey with his flying "Sister Bertrille" ears is a hoot. He is an energetic boy who loves to tear from one end of the yard to the other just to run. He is very eager to let you know if anything is going on around the house and the neighborhood. He definitely has an alert terrier personality. Smokey is a very loving boy and is devoted to his person. He loves to sit on your foot and leans into you just be sure you are near.
These two run together, play together and often share their dog beds. They are used to sleeping in bed with their mom and looking forward to being bed warmers again. They have lived with other dogs and have done well with them. But continue to cling to each other even in the middle of a pack. Smokey and Grace have lived on acreage in the country but Gracie has a tendency to visit the neighbors so we believe they will do much better with a fenced yard. Smokey can be a bit noisy when he announces the goings on in the neighborhood so he would probably not do well in an apartment or condo. As a puppy mill dog Gracie still needs to work on her toilet training each time she changes homes. She loves to get treats for going potty outside but it does take a few days for her to get the new routine down. Neither of these dogs have any experience with children so only homes with older children or teens will be considered.

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