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Adopted June 2017

Patrick is another dog that was never put up for adoption. We were asked to pull him out of the animal shelter and asked our intrepid transport team Bob and Kate to move him to Kirkland so he could get vet care. He’s about 10 years of age. When he waddled out of the building, Kate swore she was looking at Checkers the 16 year old Doxie she took in earlier in the year. She was still grieving for the loss of Checkers and we wouldn’t have dreamt of asking her to take him in. However, once he was vetted, and all cleaned up, Kate checked in to see how he was doing and that was that. She and Bob were up in Kirkland to take home their new dog. It’s a great story. Bob and Kate are incredible pet owners and this little fellow is living a great life on the water with canine friends, human friends, and even a feline house mate. Checkers was so old when they adopted him that their time with him was short but we certainly hope this little fellow sticks around for a few years at least.

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