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We Say Goodbye

We have long wanted a section on the website which honors the pets we have known but have said "goodbye" to. Some were adopted and passed on while in their new homes. Some came to us very ill and though we provide hospice care to those who can benefit from it and are not suffering, there are still some pets which are so ill that they are suffering or facing a painful end without humane intervention.

The end of 2014 brought a great many of these animals into our care. What amazes us time after time is how stoic animals are. They keep up a brave and loyal face while feeling pain that we humans could never endure. We want to share these stories and honor these pets in a unique way; thus our 2015 new category.

This album replaces our previous memorials section but all of the previously recorded memorials can still be found at their original location: here.

If you want to learn more about any of the pets from Rebecca's Rainbow or want to meet one of them, please contact us.
If you see an animal that interests you, you can use our online application forms to apply for an adoption.