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Female Tuxedo Cat
We said goodbye in March 2018

Mitzi was a cat who had lived most of her life roaming, fishing and hunting on her own but when she wanted to come inside she always had a warm and loving lap. When her human was moved into assisted living, the resident of the house, no longer allowed Mitzi any creature comforts and she was effectively abandoned.
We cared for her, got her much needed medical attention, and just as she was about to be put up for adoption, we learned that she had an aggressive form of cancer. We were devastated at this news as we hoped Mitzi had at least a couple of years of good living ahead of her. Her body began to just shut down and she was losing weight at an alarming rate. Before she suffered any more, our veterinarians made the hard call to give her the ultimate kindness to end her suffering. We have included Mitzi in this section because she did get into rescue and had some wonderful times with us to say nothing of a warm comfy bed and good food. Mitzi had quite the life and a long one and it seemed that her work was finished. Bless her.

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