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Maggie was a sweet and loveable little Lhasa Apso that came to us for care 2.5 years after her owner passed away. The family held on to Maggie in memory of their mother but finally they needed to surrender her to rescue. They are a busy young family with other pets and didn't feel they could give Maggie the time she needed and deserved and knew that someone "out there" would love spending their days with her as much as their mother had.

We knew that Maggie had some health issues coming in and had set up an appointment for her to have a full senior diagnostic panel. In the 24 hours she was with us we noticed how she paced and continually walked around. Since we suspect some vision problems we initially did not find this odd as blind dogs often will pace and track in their own unique ways to learn about their environment. Her abdomen was quite distended, though she was lean, and this concerned us. She never let on that she was in pain.

What we learned was that she had an abdominal mass so large that her internal organs were shoved up into a very small corner and we quickly understood why she was pacing. She was trying to get comfortable. Her foster parents were devastated to get this news. As experienced as they are with illness in dogs and the very short amount of time they stay with us even when they ARE healthy, it was still a blow to their gut and it was heart wrenching for them to let her go but to know the kind of pain she was in and the natural death which would be painful - they had no choice but to say goodbye to her with love and regret for the years she would not get.

We say goodbye to dear Maggie. December 2014

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