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Siren was born with a congenital defect or two but his humans didn't have a clue and he was ousted because of his behavior. A loving woman saw how this little dog was being treated and got him to safety with her. She and her husband loved and cared for this little guy for many months but honestly thought there was more that could be done for him and wanted to give him a good outcome. Finally, they found us and though his story doesn't precisely fit our mission, we could not say "no" to this dog or this family. Those they had contacted had already told them "no". Someone has to say "yes". We did.

The family made a long drive up to us and spent a good deal of time talking about Siren and to him, knowing they were saying "good-bye".

We were able to have some diagnostics done on him to confirm his hydrocephalus and various neurological deficits. There was nothing we could do to "fix" him but we made him comfortable. He has passed away but he did so with comfort, kind people around him, and that may all he was aware of but we know we helped him.

Siren will be missed. He was just a puppy.

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